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The UNIVERSITY: The University of Sydney.

The DEGREE: Bachelor of Science (BSc).



  1. Anatomy and Histology.

  2. Physiology.


The Story: 

On August 29 2012, I applied to The University of Sydney through Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) for various courses with the intention of become a Nutritionist/Dietitian. After having completed an intensive 8-month Mature Aged Preparation Course in December of 2012, I received an offer into the Bachelor of Applied Science (Cumberland Campus) on January 16 2013… After meeting with an academic adviser, I made the decision to apply for a 2nd round offer for a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, also at The University of Sydney. I luckily received an offer on January 30 2013 which meant I could begin my journey towards receiving my Bachelors Degree. 

Since beginning my university journey, I have changed my major several times due to  the overly complex nature of the subjects offered throughout a BSc degree. Whilst I have taken longer than I would have initially imagined to complete my BSc degree, I have loved every single second of my learning and continue to do so… 

Right now, I’m back at university undertaking Semester #1 for 2018…



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